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International High School of the Gothenburg Region

Welcome to the International High School of the Gothenburg Region (IHGR)

International High School of the Gothenburg Region is a high school in Gothenburg that offers the Swedish curriculum in English. The school offers three different programs that are all taught in English. IHGR is located in the heart of Gothenburg, but your classmates are from all over the world. It is the small local school with the wide international perspective.

International perspective

As a student at IHGR you get an international perspective and get prepared for studying at universities both in Sweden and abroad. Both the students and teachers have diverse international backgrounds. You will meet, communicate and work with these people every day, which will broaden both your mind and your knowledge. You can choose between International Baccalaureate Programme, Natural Science Programme and Social Science Programme.

The official languages of the school are English and Swedish, but in the hallways you can also hear Spanish, Mandarin, Farsi, Arabic, Italian, French and many other languages. As a student you can choose from a broad range of extra-curricular activities. For instance The photo and film society, The running group and many others.

Become prepared for university

Students who have graduated from IHGR has continued to study and work in a wide array of fields and in many different parts of the world. IHGR is a great choice for students who want to be prepared for university and want to experience an environment where cultures meet and truly interact!

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The International High School of the Gothenburg Region takes you on a virtual tour around the school. This is a small school with a global perspective.


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Andel lärare med leg. och behörighet 2020/21

Antal elever per lärare 2020/21

International High School of the Gothenburg Region
International High School of the Gothenburg Region 12,9

Antal elever på skolan år 2020/21: cirka 350


  Genomsnittlig betygspoäng Behöriga till högskola Andel med examen inom 3 år

International Baccalaureate

  Sverige År
Totalt antal studerande cirka 150 2020/21
Genomsnittlig betygspoäng
Andel behöriga till högskola
Andel med examen inom 3 år 62,1 2017/18
Antagningspoäng medel 237,5 2021
Lägsta antagningspoäng 82,5 2021
* När uppgiften baseras på färre än 10 avgångselever dubbelprickas den .. för att det inte ska gå att
   se enskilda elevers resultat. En prick . betyder att data saknas.

OBS! Procenten för andel lärare med pedagogisk examen påverkas bland annat av lärare som har deltidstjänst eller är yrkeslärare.
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International High School of the Gothenburg Region

Molinsgatan 6
411 33 Göteborg

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Snittbetyg: 3,9

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Jonathan - Proud SP Pace student
I chose the Pace programme because of the extra English content done and I can proudly say I do not regret it. As I have ancestry from the UK, I am interested in the English language and I can confidently say that if you are intrested in this area and its sub-topics, then this is the programme for you. We went to Gothenburgs University to do cou...
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IHGR is a very welcoming school filled with students from all over the world. The teachers are very accommodating and really care about their students, both about their education and about their well being. I would strongly reccomend IHGR if you want a well rounded education that is going to prepare you for life.
A Proud SP Student
The University course is a ... challange that pushes you and helps your acedemical development. If you have special needs they have the excellent special needs teacher who went above and beyond for me showing a lot of support. The rest of the teaching staff has also been winderful and equally as supportive. Additional the atmosphere at the...
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Baseras på 55 recensioner.
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