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Can I apply to a Swedish national programme with F i Swedish?

01 dec 2019
I am living in Sweden for 1 year. I am in 9th grade now. I do not speak Swedish fluently. I am worried that I may get F on SVA. I want to get into natur internationell in the gymnasium level. Is there any possibility to get into that program? And how much points do I need to earn to get into natur internationell?


02 dec 2019

Hello Khan,

If you apply to an international school they can make an exemption for Swedish so I can recommend that. But students who have not graduated 9th grade with a passing grade in Swedish can only apply to the IB Programme. So if you wish to take one of the Swedish national programmes, you are required to have passed English, Math and Swedish in Grade 9 or its equivalent. You will also be required to submit an entrance exam in English run by the school so besides from your grades your result at the entrance exam will also be important. You can contact the schools you are interested and fins out more about the entrance exams and grades needed.

Good luck! /Petra,SYV

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