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Are there schools in Sweden that offer education in English?

26 apr 2017
I am 17 years old from Eritrea and I have been in Sweden for less than a year. My dream is to work with computers (programming etc) in the future. I love maths and physics but due to Swedish language, it became much harder for me to understand/comprehend other subjects.

Are there any schools in Sweden which have the same national program (teknik programmet) but with English as the language of instruction?

I heard about IB but it doesn't have IT in it, please help! What should I do?


28 apr 2017


I understand that the Swedish language can feel like bit of a struggle sometimes but I'm happy to hear that you have found something you feel passionate about! The IB program is designed in such a way that you choose six subjects from six different groups where Science is one of them. Normally, you would be able to choose about two science subjects among others. The good thing about the IB program is that it really helps you if you want to study abroad later on. You can read more here: information is in Swedish but maybe it can help you somehow. If you get the grades and subjects needed to continue to university, you could study more IT there. 

There are schools in Sweden that offer almost all education in English, most of these schools have an international focus. This link: is to the homepage where you can, for example, search "international" or "english", the results can show you some schools that offer their education in english. You could also choose the area where you live and see if there are any schools nearby if you don't want to travel too far. If you go to primary school right now, the guidance counselor at your school can help you search and find something that suits you and your wishes the best. 

I wish you the best of luck! /Aranja, SYV

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