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How to get into university in Sweden

15 sep 2023
Hello! I was an International Baccalaureate (IBDP) student for IEGS. I gave exams in May 2023 with subjects: Fysik 2, Kemi 2, Matte 4, Engelska 7, Historia 2 och Svenska 1. My results showed all passing grades in my five of six subjects other than Fysik 2 which is why I did not receive an IB Diploma. Earlier when I spoke to antagning.se they rightfully told me that since I donot have the IBDP Diploma, I donot fulfill the ”General Entry Requirements” but with my merits in my chosen subjects, I do fulfill Special/ Särskilda Requirements. In this specific condition, what do you think will happen to me? What options do i have right now? Other than trying and retake..

Will I never be able to get into a uni here in Sweden or is there any way out since I have good subjects which can geg me into good programs keeping in view Chemistry, Maths and English. Keeping in mind I am doing SVA3 course too.

Is there any way out for me to fulfill the ”General Entry Requirements”?

Please help me since im utterly worried and see no way out. I hope you understood my question and points and help me accordingly. Thank you.

Best regards,


17 sep 2023


You always have to fulfil both general and special requirements when you apply to university. I don't know though why you don't receive an IB Diploma just because of Fysik 2. Please talk to your IB-school about that and continue on with the retakes if you can.

The general requirements is Maths 1 and English 6 which i am guessing you have. For the Swedish requirements you can take the Tisus test or do SVA3.

Good luck with your future studies! /Petra

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