Söka till gymnasiet efter att ha gått på gymnasium utomlands

24 jan 2022
Hi all,
I will move to Sweden for working purposes. My son will be 17 years old in 2022 so I have the following questions:

1. Could he apply for Gymnasium? When it starts?
2. As he is finishing school in my country, is it possible to validate some courses like maths, biology, etc?
3. I understood in case he can apply for Gymnasium, he should enroll to Introductory Program-. Will he need to read for some courses from Compulsory School?

4. My son wants to continue study Engineering in University (in the future) , so it is important to know how long the IM will take. What is the average time for IM for cases like this?


31 jan 2022


Please consult the following list to find relevant answers to your questions:

1. Your son does not qualify for upper secondary education at this time. He will need to enroll in IM in order to finish relevant Swedish language courses.

2. Quite possibly, please consult the school your son will be applying to for further assistance.

3. Please consult question number 1 in this regard. 

4. IM is individually tailored. There is no set amount of time a student has in order to complete IM. It depends on how well your son performs within the Swedish language courses. 

If your son is a proficient within the English language, he could consider applying for an IB school. For further inquiry within this matter, I would advise you to contact such a school.

Best wishes,

- Cecilia, SYV

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