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Can I apply to high school in Sweden?

21 okt 2020
So apparently i moved to somalia like 4 years ago and i wanted to ask you if i can go to gymnasium after my 9th grade and yeah is it essential to speak swedish if it is then ill just remember all the words i learned and learn more swedish thorough out my last year here


23 okt 2020


The Swedish upper gymnasium is primarily intended for students living in Sweden. If you are not registered in Sweden at the time of admission, you may therefore have a limited right to get a place in the admission. If you are planning on moving to Sweden, and have or can get residence permit, you should contact the municipality you are moving to for information on how you can apply. 

Besides this you also need to meet the requirements for the high school program you are interested in.You can find the requirements for a Swedish gymnasium here: https://www.gymnasium.se/om-gymnasiet/gymnasiebehorighet-4264. As you can see you need Swedish from elementary school to be eligible for high school in Sweden. 

Sincerely/ Petra, Guidance Counselor

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