Where can I go to school?

22 mar 2020
Hello, I recently moved back to Sverige from the United Kingdom. I am 16, 17 in exactly 2 months and I am wondering how I can get into a gymnasium. I have 5 GCSEs (English qualifications). I am looking to study IT here. When can i get in? Who do i contact? I can speak and understand Swedish.

Please reply as fast as possible as i am seeking to find answers.

Thanks, Hassan


23 mar 2020

Hi Hassan,

You need to contact your municipality where you live so they can help you figure out what you need to do to be able to attend a Swedish-language high school (if thats what you want). The easiest option is probably if you can go to a school with International Baccalaureate since they are the only schools that can make an exemption for grades in Swedish. 

Good luck! /Petra, Career Counselor 

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