Can I send in my final grades for the gymnasium-application later?

05 maj 2019
Hello Hej!

My daughter applied for a preparatory program which implies that she presents her grades of Swedish ( SVA) in June. She currently follows an online course (SVA) at Sofiadistans. But it is possible that she does not manage to make all her tasks on time (before 27 May). In that case, she will have her final grades only in September (as she hopes).
Can the gymnasium make concessions and allow my daughter to submit her final SVA grades later in September? Should I contact the gymnasium(s) management to ask them about it?

Thank you in advance,
Mother of the applicant


06 maj 2019


Normally they can't wait since the acceptance letter will be sent out in the summer and schools starts at the end of August. But you should contact the school and ask if they can help find a solution.

Sincerely/ Petra,  Study and Career Counsellor

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