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How do I get in at the Medical Program?

26 okt 2017
I want to ask about the medical program, how can i get in, i moved to Sweden before 2 years and am studying now svenska som andra språk grundläggande delkurs 2 in komvux, i dont know any thing about what do i need to do to get in and how should i get points, if some one can break it down for me ill be greatfull :) thanks.


27 okt 2017


In order to become a doctor in Sweden you have to study at university, the training is 5.5 years long. The admission points for the medical program may differ depending on where in Sweden you are studying but usually it is between 21.5-22.5 points and there is high competition for the places in the medical program. For example, to get 22.5 points do you need A in all subjects that give 20.00 points and full credit points that are 2.5. In addition to the admission points required for the medical program, it is also important to consider the qualifications (which courses you need to obtain from Komvux). The qualification for the medical program is basic competencies (Swedish 2 and 3, English 6 and Math 1), Physics 2, Chemistry 2, Biology 2 and Math 4.

After medical education, you must be approved at the General Service (Allmäntjänstgöring-AT), which is between 18-21 months. After AT, you do a test and it provides a medical certificate. After all this education and AT you can specialize in a particular area, eg surgery, pediatrician, etc. Special education is another 5 years long. 

You should contact a Career Counselor (SYV) at Komvux and ask for help with a study plan for Komvux with this goal in mind. They will be happy to help you. 

 Good luck! / Petra, Career Counselor 

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