Milen studies Fine Art at IGES

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm

Internationella engelska gymnasiet Södermalm

Milen is 17 years old and is a senior at the aesthetics program with specialization in Fine Art.

Why did you choose your program and this school? Why do you think the program suits you?

My initial intention for choosing IEGS was due to the very fact that it was international meaning that all subjects are taught in English and the special “house” system that they had. After I had visited a few open houses at IEGS, this system specifically caught my interest and the enthusiasm of the staff.

Describe briefly about your education. What are you learning and how do you work in your classes?

In contrary to other schools in Sweden, the school follows an Anglo Saxon educational system meaning that it is a bit old fashioned as well strict. It is these roots that makes the knowledge presented and the manner it is presented in class to us, the students effective. As a student I am encouraged firstly to express and communicate my opinions and use various opportunities to show my abilities, starting from presentations, in class essays, seminars, quizzes, tests, to even discussing my views during a lesson.

IEGS has a unique style of enabling students to be active during lesson time even if they refuse to engage during lessons, through making students discuss regarding that what is being questioned or taught to classmates sitting next to them.

How are the teachers and the atmosphere? What do you think about the building and the classes?

From my previous experience, I believe that teachers have a big role because they have the role of influencing student’s future and one of the reasons that I made the decision to attend in IEGS, when even offered spots at places like Kungsholmen, were the teachers’ authenticity and enthusiasm. Teachers in IEGS are the most inspirational and passionate teachers I’ve ever came across in Stockholm and it is this state of mind as well as atmosphere that has inspired me to become and do my very best in school.

The building itself is big and flexible, yet frankly the classroom’s tables and chairs can be painful to sit on and the heat is either too cold or too hot and never really normal temperature. However, on a more positive note, the code system in each room and floor is very helpful and easily adoptable.

Did you move here to be able to go to this school? How was that? Friends and hobbies?

I was already living in Stockholm, so there wasn’t any necessity for me to move closer to the school because I lived 30min away from IEGS.

What is your dream job? What career opportunities/study opportunities do you have ahead of yourself after graduation?

My dream job is to become a diet counsellor, therefore a dietitian and in order to make this into a reality I have been taking courses over the summer and chose subjects options (in third year) that I will be needing after graduation in university.

Do you think you will continue studying after? If yes, then what and why?

Yes, I most certainly will continue studying because I believe I need more knowledge in the area of nutrition, in order to study and experience it in depth, and to consider it a career. I will be studying biochemistry in food, so in other words a closer look to food in a biological aspect.

What is the best thing that you have done during your education? What are your best memories of your time here?

I am currently writing a book for my GYAR on the subject of a healthy diet and lifestyle exposing chemicals/ substances and medication that are a threat to our health; this is an achievement that I am proud of. Looking back at my journey I have dozens of good memories in lessons with teachers, house activities and memories with friends; i.e during house day when we as a house (pavlov) went bowling and played with random students that were in the house, getting to know new students and having fun at the same time.

Why would you recommend the school and program to others?

When looking back to my two and a half years in IEGS, I’m proud to have chosen this specific school because I see a development of the qualities in myself. IEGS has helped me improve my technical language as well as having a broader perspective, having met student from diverse background, status and nationalities.

Quite frankly, the aesthetics program is looked down on, however after I had experienced it for myself I can gladly testify that it is more complex than it is tending to get credits for. It was only after the aesthetics program in Fine Art that I began to look at things from varies perspectives and to be able to discuss and analyze subjects for more than what it visible or obvious straightforwardly. In short, I recommend IEGS because of its unique system (the house system) and its ability to challenge an individual and improve their qualities and strategies, as It isn’t an easy school.

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