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Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm (IEGS)

IEGS is located in the heart of Södermalm in Stockholm. The school has a strong academic and multicultural tradition and is committed to helping you develop to your full potential.  You can choose to study one of four Swedish national programmes or the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. All programmes offered at the school qualify you for university studies in Sweden or abroad. All courses at IEGS, except from Swedish, civics A, law and modern languages, are taught in English.

Become prepared for the world today and tomorrow

Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet believes that every student has the capacity to develop intellectually, morally and personally. The pedagogy at IEGS is based on a work ethic where involvement comes through hard work, commitment, dedication and creativity. Something that is imperative for academic development and for understanding the world we live in is intellectual curiosity.

At its heart IEGS is motivated by a mission to create a better world through education, develop young people who are reflective learners, courageous thinkers and curious about the world around us and prepare students for the world of today as well as tomorrow.

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Högskoleförberedande program
Ekonomiprogrammet Ort Recensioner
Economics Program, Law Stockholm          
Estetiska programmet
Aesthetics Program, Art Stockholm
Aesthetics Program, Drama Stockholm          
International Baccalaureate
International Baccalaureate Stockholm          
Natural Science Program, Natural Science Stockholm          
Natural Science Program, Social Science Stockholm          
Social Science Program, Social Science Stockholm          
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Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet is located in Södermalm, Stockholm. You can choose to study the IB programme or one of four Swedish national programmes at the school. The courses at IEGS are taught in English. In this video you'll get to hear some students at the school explain why you should choose IEGS!


Milen is a senior at IEGS.

Milen studies Fine Art at IGES

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Milen is a senior at IEGS and studies aesthetics program with specialization in Fine Art.

IEGS på sociala medier

Andel lärare med pedagogisk examen

In chapter 2, 17§ of the Swedish school law, a permanent exception from Swedish teacher certification is granted for those teachers schools employ to teach in English and who have a teaching degree from their home country. 

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Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm

Allhelgonagatan 4
11858 Stockholm

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X   |   2018-10-17
vi har inte ens en juridiklärare
Lars Theding  |   2018-10-18  |   Kommentar:
Hej X, Jo, vi har en utbildad juridiklärare på skolan. Hon undervisar samtliga juridikkurser.
Fedelia M. Nesi   |   2018-08-07
En otroligt givande utbildning med passionerade och talangfulla lärare som håller en tydlig röd tråd under all undervisning.
Max   |   2018-08-07
Drama programmet är extremt roligt. Lärarna är fantastiska och om du jobbar på det kan du få vilket betyg du vill. Vad annat kan man begära från en gymnasieskola.
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Milen studies Fine Art at IGES
Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm

Milen is a senior at IEGS and studies aesthetics program with specialization in Fine Art.

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Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm
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