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Admission to upper secondary school

Preliminary admission to upper secondary school takes place in the middle of April. How the final admission is delivered is different depending on the admission office. Read more about admission to upper secondary school here.

Preliminary admission to upper secondary school

In the middle of April, a preliminary admission to upper secondary school is made, based on the fall semester grades from the senior year of secondary school. Please note that this is simply a preliminary admission which does not guarantee you a spot at your chosen upper secondary school program.

Final admission to upper secondary school

When it is time for the final admission to upper secondary school, the admission will be based on the final grade from secondary school.

Different admission offices have different routines regarding how the final admission is delivered, sometimes it will be available online through a login, or alternatively by mail.

If a response is required, different admission offices will have different policies regarding how it should be delivered, whether through a login or by mail.

In a lot of places around the country you are supposed to login to the website of the upper secondary school admission where you live. Carefully read through the information in your final admission.

Most times it is sufficient to register your response online.

If you have forgotten your password, which you will need to check the status of your application and view admission results, you will need to check the admission office’s website for information about how you can get access to your login.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions or if you need more information about what applies to you, you should contact the upper secondary school admission in your municipality, in other words the admission office which you made your application through. Questions about admission to an education outside of the admission area of your admission office is referred to the admission office of whichever education you have applied to.

Admission from waiting list

In July, the admission from a waiting list for upper secondary schools is started, and is usually ongoing until the middle of September. During the admission from the waiting list for upper secondary school, the students are admitted to the spots which have been vacated by students who have declined the admission, or been promoted to a higher ranked choice. 

Once all the response cards have been received and registered, usually around August, the first admission from the waiting list is started. This is when students who have been offered a spot will receive a written admissions decision with a response card that is to be sent in as soon as possible. If you have accepted the opportunity to remain on the waiting list for a higher ranked choice, you will automatically be assigned a spot on this upper secondary school, as soon as a spot becomes available. Until school starts, the admissions offices are the ones making the decisions. When the admission has been completed, you can instead turn to the principal at the specific upper secondary school, who will determine if more students can be admitted.

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