How can I raise my grades from High School ?

14 aug 2022
I’m going to move to Sweden in October with my family and learn the Swedish language at komvux to fulfill the requirements for MD program at KI. But I’m worried about the other subjects requirements. I did the Cambridge a levels here in Pakistan I got my results I had A in biology but B in physics chemistry and maths. I’m not sure if they’re enough. But since MD program is very selective I know I should have straight As. So I was wondering are there any courses at komvux or any exam in Sweden that I could give to increase my points for example. Or should I give a level exam again and improve my grade to A in the subjects I have B in. I did my o levels in Singapore I can also tell you about my grades in o levels in detail if needed but they are mostly A and Bs as well. I hope you could help me out.


15 aug 2022


If you need to raise your grades, you can turn to komvux, where you can study an entire high school program, individual courses or take tests. Examination at komvux means that you read a high school course on your own and then take an examination, which is often both a written and an oral test on the subject. For those who already have a passing grade in the course from high school, examination is the only way to raise a grade.

Sincerely/ Petra, Career Counsellor

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